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Island Tours

With a tour on Kefalonia, you will explore the island. You will have the opportunity to customize your own itinerary, explore as you wish, and see the highlights of the island, from stunning natural wonders to idyllic towns.


A proven way of relaxing further is a calming massage that will regenerate you and make your stay on Kefalonia even more serene and careless

Wine Tasting Tours

Except the natural beauty, Kefalonia produces a variety of exceptional wines. The island is truly a heaven for wine tasting visitors, and our wonderful wine tours will expose you to the best of the region.


Get ready for a truly adventurous experience as you explore the best of what Kefalonia and the surrounding Ionian waters have to offer. Admire the stunning polymorphic underwater formations and the various species of sea creatures and colorful flora that compose unique underwater scenery. When on an island there is nothing like scuba diving and discovering the hidden treasures of the ocean.

Get a Step Closer to Kefalonia

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