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Heartfelt Greek hospitality

It’s been a while since Sotiris Fragias and his wife Maria, launched Sotiris studios hotel in the quaint Kefalonian village of Svoronata. The aim was from the onset to provide affordable, affable and thoroughly modern accommodation and a big, heartfelt welcome – the kind that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul – to all those exploring the beauties of Kefalonia.

Throughout the years, Maria and Sotiris never lost sight of their goal – and they’ve inspired the same ethos in the new generation, siblings Antonis, Teris, Loukas and George, who’ve eventually picked up the baton. Blue Horizon Hotel and studios are being constantly updated to keep up with the spirit and the demands of the time. Simultaneously, the family enterprise has been expanded with the inauguration of Sotiris villas – a complex of four beautifully appointed holiday homes that seamlessly fuse tradition with modernity; and Casa di Mare –  a luxurious collection of minimalist villas topped with breathtaking sea views.

The latest addition is the adults-only Aelia. Located amid a luscious olive grove in the tranquil village of Svoronara, this cutting-edge resort brings indulgence closer to nature and is already causing a stir. With Aelia, the bar in Kefalonian hospitality has just been set higher.

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